Nets, Meshes and Streams (CHORROS)

4. Nets, Meshes and Streams


Nets and Meshes 1969-1982

At the end of the sixties Gego foreshadows nets and meshes in some drawings. In these, other shapes such as triangles and squares generate as a result of the crossing of lines which create, by intertwining, a new constructive system which is coherent with her three-dimensional work of the same period.


Triangular and Square Reticuláreas

Reticulárea is the name given by Gego to all the individual works she created based on the concept of net or mesh, whether built on triangular or square modules. Triangular Reticuláreas may grow in multiple directions while quadrangular ones grow horizontally or vertically.


Square Curved Meshes or of Double Curvature

Gego builds meshes made of several simple nets, structured on square modules. The arrangement of these modules allows for great flexibility, creating curves and folds.


Troncos (trunks) 1974-1975

Polyhedral vertical cylinders, most of them made of nets of triangular mesh.


Spheres 1976-1977

Spherical structures made of wire and other elements, constructed on the basis of triangular meshes.


Watercolors 1980-1982

This time Gego creates triangular and square nets using watercolor. Generally the flexible nets appear in negative between colored fields, emphasizing the space of the net itself rather than its linear structure.


Chorros (streams) 1970-1974

Gego creates pieces based on the accumulation of vertically suspended aluminum rods which normally touch the ground. These works, conceived to be presented as an ensemble, form a flexible and open structural system which provides great versatility when installing.